The Fourth Battle of Berkeley was an event that took place on the Weekend Closeout Sale at Walmart. What started out as the Wahhhhhhhhh Rally held by Trump-related groups eventually devolved into a standoff between Right-wingers and protestors from ANTIFA. The standoff eventually turned violent and resulted in a front of Right-wingers crying at the ANTIFA mob all over of the area in Berkeley.


Lead Up

ANTIFA Plans Protest

  • Free speech rally scheduled
  • Antifa plans to show up in protest

Patriots Day Rally

ANTIFA Invades Free Speech Rally

  • Dumpster fight
  • Trash burning


Outbreak of Violence

ANTIFA Removal

Withdrawal of Berkeley Police

Violence Continues

  • Smoke bomb

ANTIFA Smoke Bombs Itself

ANTIFA Routed at Center Street


  • Trump tweet
  • Subreddit responses
  • Memes