Kyle Chapman, dubbed by the internet as Based Stickman, is a MAGA warrior from Berkeley, California. He gained renown for his unique armored appearance in the Third Battle of Berkeley and leadership during the Fourth.


Personal Life

Chapman describes himself as an ardent Trump supporter and proud American nationalist. Chapman's cause is to help fight against Neo-Marxism[1]. Additionally, he hopes to see the continued destruction of the Globalist agenda[2].


Stickman's basic outfit consists of jeans and a hoodie. He is usually seen wearing dark blue and gray colors with the flag of Texas on his chest. His emblem, an American flag on top of a V, can be seen on the back of his shirt, as well as his shield.

Stickman's armor consists of:

  • Baseball helmet - defends brain from the assault of Leftist ideology
  • Mighty shield - all those under his authority must yield
  • Shin guards - because Stickman doesn't skip leg day
  • Paint mask - people who live in their parents' basement don't shower
  • Goggles - protect eyes from hatred spewed by SJWs (or at least pepper spray)
  • Wooden staff - for beating unruly snowflakes because their parents didn't

Due to his tactical preference of the shield and spear combination, Stickman is categorized as a Pro-Trump Hoplite.


Third Battle of Berkeley

Stickman made his first debut on March 3, 2017 at the Third Battle of Berkeley. Due to the outbreak of violence from ANTIFA rioters at the second battle, he came prepared with his now-signature shield, along with a wooden staff, baseball helmet, paint mask, and shin pads.

  • Involvement
  • Encounter with Hecklers
  • First arrest and release

Fourth Battle of Berkeley

Following the third battle, Stickman returned to MAGA movement

  • Involvement
  • Second arrest and release